Lettre 1639 : Arent Furly à John Locke

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Rotterdam 26 September 1704


I give myself the honour to acquaint you with these lines, that according to your desire I have waited on Mr Bayle to give him the two Epistolæ de Tolerantia, which you sent me 1, with your humble thanks and service ; I told him that since you had met with some copys of them at a bookseller[’]s in London[,] you desired him to return the one to his friend and to accept of the other as an evidence that you should not have refused his and his friend[’]s kindness if you had not been supplyed before it reached your hands ; he received it upon that condition and desired me to give you his humble thanks and to assure you of the great esteem he has for anything that comes from you ; for the former he would needs return me what I had paid him for it. If I am capable of doing you any more service either in buying of books in auction, which occur here dayly 2, or in anything elce, I shall esteem it as a particular favour to be honoured with your commands.

Sir[,] the respect and deference which I ow[e] to your person, do not permitt me to trouble you with many letters ; I am glad if I can lay hold of any such opportunity as the present to present my humble duty to you and to assure you how much I am always concerned for your health ; I was very much afflicted to hear that the swelling of your legs has been so troublesome to you of late ; I am afraid it has kept you from your summer exercise of riding, which has always been so refreshing to you : on the other hand I am not altogether without hopes, that the great successes which we have had this summer by land and sea 3, God be praised, may have revived your spirits and proved a cordial to your old age, sure I am that it has affected to publick spirited company about you ; which will at last have some influence upon you ; Sir excuse my zeal for the publick and pardon me if I have trespassed upon your patience : I shall only add the fervent wishes and hearty prayers for your health and preservation of him who is with all due respect and an humble reverence, Sir, your devoted and most obliged humble servant

Arent Furly

P.S. My father, mother and brothers tender their humble service to you and to all the good company at Oates ; to which I add my humble respects.


For John Locke Esqr at Oates •

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