Lettre 1335 : Meredyth à Albert de Hall

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[Londres, le 12 décembre 1697 1]


I am desired by a friend of mine 2 to get some acquaintance in Rotterdam to speak to Mons r Bayle a famous French gentleman (who writ the French Dictionary) residing at Rotterdam, to know whether he has a mind to come into England to live in a nobleman’s family to be governour to his son, he will have all the respect immaginable [ sic] shewn him and all manner of conveniency, for his study, and one hundred pound[s] a year • set[t]led on him during his life. If you will be [so] kind to me as to speak to him y[ou]rself or get some friend of youres to make this proposall to him I shall be much obliged to you, if he thinks this proposition reasonable[,] I will let him know who / the noble man is that has desir’d me to write about this matter[.] Pray • let me have his answer as soon as possible and pardon me this trouble. If I can be serviceable to you here[,] pray command [...] y[ou]r humble serv[a]nt


London ye 12 th of Dec[em]ber

To Mr Albert De Hall 3 at / the sign of the Hare / on the Spanish Key in / Rotterdam

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